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International Female Ride Day 2024

On Saturday, 4 May, female riders worldwide participated in the 18th annual International Female Ride Day (IFRD). The event celebrated the diversity, strength, and camaraderie of all female riders. 

Yamaha Motor has a long history of supporting female riders and encouraging them to embrace the two-wheeled lifestyle. It hosts women-only events in collaboration with its ambassadors, and sponsors some of the fastest female riders in Australia. Yamaha Motor is committed to empowering women to become the best riders they can while fostering a sense of community through connections with owner groups and like-minded riders.

To mark IFRD 2024, we spoke with five female riders who have inspired us with their Motor | Life | Passion stories over the past 12 months. These riders, hailing from different backgrounds and commencing their motorcycle journey in vastly different ways, all share the same passion for the lifestyle and sense of freedom only riding a motorcycle can deliver.

Veronica Cuiuri, Jess Gardiner, Leanne Nelson, Joann Atherton, and Natasha Miranda tell us what International Female Ride Day means to them.