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Husqvarna Replica Stacyc 12e Drive

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    Husqvarna Replica Stacyc 12e Drive
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Colour and graphics
> Colour and graphics inspired by the Husqvarna Motorcycles factory machines.

Light weight – 7.7 & 9 kg
> Child can pick up bike and manage on their own after a fall or dropped bike.
> Child quickly able to build skill as they can handle the bike as it’s less than half their body weight.
> All family members willing to manage as bike is easily transported in back of car.

Tapered foot rests
> Race inspired ergonomic placement for proper body and foot positioning when standing, teaching proper bike riding skills.

Ultra-low seat height
> Inspires riding confidence by allowing riders feet to be firmly planted on the ground.
> Allows child to “dab” foot easily when off balance.

Twist throttle
> True power curve built into throttle programming.
> Teaches child how to operate a twist throttle and manage power output.
> Not a push button toy or on/off power curve.

Husqvarna Factory Replica Stacyc 12eDrive

Perfect for 3-5 year old kids under 34 kg, with 35-51 cm inseam
> 12” composite wheels with pneumatic tires
> Seat height: 33 cm
> Weight: 7.7 kg with battery
> Frame: Aluminium tig welded
> Fork: Steel, BMX style

Proprietary drive system
> Power selection modes: > Low/Training mode ~ 8 km/h > Med/Transitional Mode ~ 11 km/h > High/Advanced Mode ~ 14 km/h
> Thermal protection for motor and controller
> BMX chain and freewheel

Industrial grade lithium-ion battery and charger
> Quick disconnect/connect battery
> 20 Vmax voltage (18 Vnom)
> 2 Ah
> Up to 60 minutes run time
> 30-60 minute charge time