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Factory triple clamp

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    Factory triple clamp
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The CNC-machined triple clamp has the following features:

  • Made of highest grade aluminum
  • Perfectly tuned stiffness of the steering stem
  • 100 % alignment of the fork tubes
  • Perfect flexibility – precisely adapted to the Husqvarna WP fork
  • Spun fork clamping after anodizing:This machining process increases the friction between the triple clamp and the fork tubes, with constant tightening torque, thus preventing twisting of the fork tubes in the triple clamp to a great extent.
  • The special steering stem support additionally boosts this effect.
  • Quick and easy offset adjustment between 20 mm or 22 mm:Disassembly of the front wheel and fork is not necessary!The triple clamp-offset is the distance of the horizontal center line of both fork tubes to the center of the steering axis, about which the fork legs are offset from the steering axis (referred to as dimension X). The offset set can be seen at a glance by the marking on the triple clamp.Offset adjustment options:
  • Shorter offset: Stability on short straights
  • Longer offset: easier and faster turning into bends

Handlebar support 789.01.939.044/144/244/344/444 or the PHDS SXS.14.125.200 is additionally required for installation on TC and FC models as of 2016.

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